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Monterey Bay Clean Vehicle Incentive Program

EV Incentive Funds are Exhausted.  The Program Closed November 5, 2018.  Please check back in April 2019.
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Courtesy of Tesla Motors, Inc.











Questions?  Please contact Alan Romero at aromero@mbard.org or (831) 718-8030.


Electric vehicles use electricity as their primary fuel. The vehicles are powered by rechargeable battery packs. The benefits of an electric vehicle are:

-Lower fuel costs
-Lower maintenance costs
-Zero air emissions
-Fuel while you sleep

Courtesy of ChargePoint, Inc.

Courtesy of ChargePoint, Inc.

Please go to  https://cleanvehiclerebate.org/eng/eligible-vehicles for a list of the vehicles eligible for an Incentive from the Air DistrictThe California vehicle rebate program (CVRP) is a similar but separate program from the Air District’s program. The CVRP is currently accepting applications.  See website link above.

How far can I drive an electric vehicle?
It depends upon your choice of electric vehicle and your driving style. Pure battery electric vehicles can generally go 60 to 310 miles on a full charge, which is plenty of range for most people. If more range flexibility is needed, however, a plug-in hybrid might be a better fit. They can generally run on battery alone for 10 to 40 miles, and then continue up to 400 miles as a gasoline-electric hybrid.

Where can I plug-in my electric vehicle?
Most people will charge their electric vehicle at home; however, there are many public charging stations available in our area and beyond. To find a charging station near you go to: http://www.plugshare.com/

For Monterey Bay regional EV resources and events info go to: http://mbeva.org/