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Air Quality Monitoring

The Air Monitoring Division conducts all ambient air monitoring for the District.  The Disrict is the agency responsible for air quality across all areas within the Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties, which in turn form the North Central Coast Air Basin (NCCAB).

The Air Monitoring Division currently collects data from seven monitoring sites that it operates throughout the NCCAB, and collects ozone data from a separate site operated by the National Parks Service at Pinnacles National Park.  The collected data is reviewed and submitted to the US EPA and to the California Air Resources Board (CARB).  Hourly data is also made immediately available to the CARB and AIRNOW websites and to this website in order to provide the most current air quality information.

The Air Monitoring Division is also tasked to carry out wood smoke monitoring as needed. This includes the seasonal monitoring of wood stove use in areas like the San Lorenzo Valley area in Santa Cruz County, large controlled burns such as those conducted at Fort Ord and some of those conducted for agricultural management, and for catastrophic events such as large structural fires and wildfires. Smoke monitoring is set up in these circumstances when it is determined that the smoke may enter areas where public health could be impacted. San Lorenzo Valley and Fort Ord smoke monitoring data are also made available on the District’s website.

Boulder Creek Camera

MBARD Visibility Camera – Boulder Creek (updated hourly)

Santa Cruz Camera

MBARD Visibility Camera – Santa Cruz (updated hourly)

MBARD Carmel Valley Camera

MBARD Visibility Camera – Carmel Valley (updated hourly)

Salinas Camera

MBARD Visibility Camera – Salinas (updated hourly)

Hollister Camera

MBARD Visibility Camera – Hollister (updated hourly)

Hollister Camera

MBARD Visibility Camera – King City (updated hourly)