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Compliance & Enforcement

Vapor Recovery Program


ORVR FLEETS – Low Permeation Hose Advisory – Installation by June 10, 2018

Low Permeation Hoses at Gasoline Dispensing Facilities with Assist Phase II EVR Systems – Installation by September 24, 2018

-Electronic Submittal of Test Notifications and Reports 

ICC Certification Requirements

All gasoline dispensing vapor recovery systems are subject to the California Health and Safety Code, California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Regulations, and District Rule 418 and Rule 1002.

Testing of gasoline dispensing vapor recovery equipment is a requirement of the District’s Permit Conditions. Permit holders must submit approved notification and test result forms to the District. Permit holders may create their own record keeping forms as long as they contain all the information required by the CARB Executive Order, rules and/or permit conditions and are approved by the District.

Facilities requesting a fleet ORVR exemption per District Rule 1002 Section 1.3.4 must submit this exemption form to the District.

For additional program information, please send an email to VRTesting@mbard.org or call Kodi Taggart at (831) 718-8045.

For permit applications see thePermitting section, for further information.