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Grants & Incentives

Zero Emission School Bus Program (ZESBP)

Funds are available for the purchase or lease of All-Electric school buses.  This is a fleet enhancement program and does not require replacement of existing fleet buses. Eligible applicants are any public school district, Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) school, or contractor operating school buses for those public schools. Electric school buses will produce ZERO diesel particulate emissions — a toxic air contaminant — and thus reduce student exposure to cancer-causing pollutants in diesel exhaust. 

For those school districts operating CNG school buses, funds are also available for on-board CNG tank replacement and CNG fuel station dispensers.

-Zero Emission School Bus requirements: ZESBP Requirements

– Application for Electric School Bus:  ZESBP Application

-Application for on-board CNG tank replacement: Application Form

For additional program information, please contact Alan Romero at aromero@mbard.org or (831) 718-8030.