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Orange circle with spare the air and chimney showing x on smokeSpare the Air

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To reduce wintertime wood smoke in the San Lorenzo Valley, the District started a Spare the Air program to notify the community of days when wood burning is discouraged due to poor air quality conditions. During a Spare the Air alert, residents are asked to choose an alternative heating source such as natural gas, propane, electricity, or pellet stove.

Do your part on Spare the Air days: Choose an alternative home heating source on Spare the Air days and spread the word to your friends and neighbors about the call to action.

Click here for air quality conditions in San Lorenzo Valley.  The color orange in the forecast for PM2.5 means you should choose an alternative heating source because air quality has reached unhealthy levels.


 San Lorenzo Valley

SLV boundary

San Lorenzo Valley (SLV) is mountainous,narrow river valley located in Santa Cruz County. SLV is represented by the light green shading in the picture.  The Air District has placed air quality monitors in SLV for several winter seasons and measured fine particle concentrations that reached unhealthy levels during many days during the winter. The Air District measures smoke as fine particles or PM2.5.

Clean Wood Burning

Efficient and clean wood burning reduces smoke and harmful health impacts.

Learn five tips for an efficient fire by watching the video below.

Burning wet wood is a waste, learn why by watching the video below.

If you choose to burn wood, please remember:

– Begin with a hot fire
– Only burn dry, seasoned wood

– Don’t use big pieces of wood, split the logs
– Don’t let the fire smolder, give it enough air