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Smoke Management

Agricultural Burning

The information on this page is intended to address stack burning of vegetation from agriculture and land management.  If you are planning to conduct broadcast burning, development burning, or other burning activities, please contact the Air District at (831) 647-9411.  Please note that agricultural burn permits are not intended for Backyard Burning.  If you need a backyard burn permit please follow this link: Backyard Burn Permits.

Agricultural burning is used to dispose of agriculture waste generated in the process of growing of crops, or the raising of fowl, animals, or bees by a legitimate agricultural operation.

Land management burning is used to dispose of woody waste cleared from wildland areas managed by state and federal agencies, private camps, institutions or ranches.  

ALL BURNERS must check with the local Fire District to make sure conditions are safe for burning and to obtain any required Fire District permits.

For the burn day forecast call the Burn Day Hotline 1-800-CAL-BURN (225-2876) or go to https://ssl.arb.ca.gov/pfirs/cb3/cb3.php?id=9

Fire agencies may also require burn permits for agricultural burning.  Please contact your local fire agency to obtain permits and for further information on fire safety.